Flexibility is the basis of all Mobility

Flexibility is the foundation of all movement; without the flexibility of your muscles can not work properly in the full range of such mobility is hampered. Flexibility is determined by the shape of the bones and cartilage (which are the basis of certain common) and the length of the muscle that goes over this joint. It is possibly one of the most overlooked aspects competence; it will only concern the joints begin to stiffen and inflexibility causes other musculoskeletal problems. It will be recalled that the body is a kinetic chain, and shortened hamstrings (muscles run down the back leg) are often the cause of posterior pelvic tilt, which in turn can lead to a bad back!
The body adapts to the stress placed on it. This includes doing nothing! If muscles are exercised, they will be efficient in not moving, destructive and shortening. Some sports, like running, football, boxing and hockey use only the muscles in a limited number, causing adaptive shortening.
Sex can be a factor in the tight muscles too. But women tend to be more flexible, the men who are bigger and stronger muscles, can suffer more rigidity and inflexibility. Age is also noted that, while young, we have a far greater range of motion, as we age, muscles adapt and shorten.
Temperature can also help or hinder flexibility. Just like the tire of a racing car, our muscles have more elasticity when hot or warm. The opposite applies to cold joints and connective tissue.
Muscle shortening can also be the result of poor posture. This can happen in some sports that make one muscle group a strong, pull the opposing team and make them shorter. Age is also a cause of muscle shortening. As we get older we become less flexible.
These inflexible muscles can cause a host of problems, from bad backs, headaches, poor posture muscle injury. When tight muscle is suddenly under pressure and forced bypass is permanent range then damage or tear the muscle is likely. This could be playing sports but could also happen if you slip, reaching for something or act hastily.
So, good flexibility, achieved through proper stretching, will lead to increased mobility, relax the muscles (increase physical and mental relaxation), reduced risk of joint / muscle strains, improve coordination and lower risk of postural problems such as bad backs and stiff neck. It also helps you get fitter and better in all aspects of life, such as muscles use more fiber in their greater number.

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